We use professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones to ensure the highest levels of product quality. Our fleet consists of both multirotor and fixed wing platforms. See our fleet below for more information.


Matrix-G Quadcopter

This long distance drone offers exceptional flight time, payload, and stability. It can handle wind resistance up to 65kmh and has a top speed of 100kph. The Matrix’s superior in-flight performance allows for safer and longer operations in the most challenging of work conditions. The primary use of the Matrix is for our aerial video work.

Flame Wheel F550 Hexacopter

The F550 is our flagship drone, used exclusively for high quality aerial photography. With over 300 flights under its rotors it is the most versatile machine in our fleet. It has been modified to carry the heavier mirrorless camera payload we use for our photography work.


Infinity-6 Hexacopter

Custom-built from top quality components, the Infinity-6 is our aerial cinematography drone. It is integrated with state-of-the-art AllSteady-6 brushless 3-axis gimbal to support versatile DSLR cameras, lenses and filter combinations for amazing film-quality videos.


The newest addition to our fleet, the AgEagle RAPID is the most durable, flexible, lightweight, professional-grade aerial survey and mapping UAV technology on the market. Electric-powered and encased in tractor-tough carbon fiber, the RAPID is an amazing flight performer. It can easily handle winds of up to 40km/h and with 35 minutes of flight time it can cover over 180 acres (200 or more acres in perfect flying conditions) per flight. Its in-flight image processing capability is also an industry-first. These features makes the RAPID our aerial survey and mapping drone of choice for the highly demanding, time-sensitive work in agricultural and other markets.



The X8 is our long range, fully autonomous aerial survey and mapping UAV. It is the largest size UAV in our fleet, extremely stable, robust, and capable of covering over 320 acres per flight. It can carry large payloads with ease and saves significant time mapping large areas of land.